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We are committed to build a strong batch alumni network, and enhancing the excellence of Maryknoll High School of Lupon. Batch 85 graduates currently reside in all parts of the globe. We want to reach out to all of you and bring everyone together. Your contributions are greatly cherished and appreciated, so feel free to make your presence felt on this site. We would love to hear from you. Welcome home!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Minutes of the Meeting: Panagtapok 2009

September 6, 2009
First Venue: Barol Elementary School, Corporacion, Lupon, Davao Oriental
Second Venue: Yvonne Lim Alonzo’s Residence,Lupon, Davao Oriental

1. Joel Capalit
2. Amy Uy
3. Teresita Cañete Golis
4. Daisy Pitoy Rosales
5. Elsie Arellano Mutia
6. Marivic Huelva Arciaga
7. Mercedes Abordo Oñate
8. Amelita Ballenas
9. Josephine Cabias
10. Susan Tejero
11. Alma Café
12. Sr. Alona Maybuena
13. Julieta Igbas Sumalinog
14. Annielyn Jubac Ladao
15. Yvonne Lim Alonzo
16. Butch Pareño
17. Roland Flores
18. Kag. Jun Bote
19. Leonardo Caraquel
20. Renante Diares
21. Gemma Manila Morales
22. Imelda Alberca Leal

1. Creation of Different Committees
2. Schedule of Activities
3. Program of Activities

FIRST DAY (Reunited… One Heart… One Smile… One Purpose)
A. Mass
B. Motorcade
C. Recognition/ Fellowship with Teachers and Mentors
SECOND DAY (Family Day)
A. Audio/Video Presentation
B. Parlor Games

THIRD DAY (Reach Out)
A. Community Outreach
Suggested Activities: Tree Planting, Feeding, Ukay2 Distribution to less fortunate families
B. Concert (Sponsored by Gil Templado)
- Hangyo nila Tating ug bathmates from Barol, adopt ila school sa atong Batch. PLEASE!
- As per suggestion(Mavic), former classmates not from Lupon should have foster homes for accommodation in the 3-day activity.
I. Programme – c/o Alma Café
II. Events – c/o Susan Tejero
III. Invitation – c/o Mike Ramos
IV. Information and Dissemination – c/o Rey Diares
V. Directory – c/o Annielyn Ladao
VI. Food and Beverage – c/o Yvonne Alonzo
VII. Ways and Means – c/o Roy Rubi
VIII. Finance – c/o Yvonne Alonzo
IX. Transportation and Accommodation – c/o Jun Bote
X. Fund Raising – c/o Yvonne Alonzo
XI. Souvenirs and Tokens – c/o Daisy Rosales
XII. Liturgy – c/o Sr. Alona Maybuena

1. Joel Capalit
2. Yvonne Lim Alonzo
3. Annielyn Ladao
4. Alma Café
5. Susan Tejero
6. Josephine Cabias
7. Inday Abordo Oñate
8. Tating Sumalinog
9. Jun Bote
10. Percy Mejos
11. Roy Rubi

1. Percy Mejos
2. Elisen Jayme3
. Rufino Lanozo
4. Tetchi Debil
5. Rosalie Ramos
6. Grace Gambong
7. Sr. Delia Obenza
8. Gil Templado
9. Joseph Guan Hing
10. Fr. Concord Bagaiosan
11. Roy Rubi12. Glenda Mejos
13. Raymund Santos (Honorary Batch)
14. Adramalec Cuanang
15. Lolita Mateo
16. Irma Ramos
1. Alma Café
2. Annielyn Ladao

The group would like to thank Yvonne for the lunch served na bonggang bongga as well as the dinner sponsored at Ila Deo Beach… Salamat Kaayo Boning… Mabuhay Ka!

Next meeting is on October 25, 2009 at Yvonne’s Residence (Lupon, Davao Oriental)


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Batch 85 Meeting

Click here to view more photos.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Waterfalls named after Glenda and Elisen...Glen Elis Falls, New Hampshire


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